Going with Owen

by Shawn Cumberbatch

blpowenwinsSt. Peter is going with Owen again.

The Barbados Labour Party leader tonight won the seat he has held since 1984, emerging victorious over the Democratic Labour Party’s Haynesley Benn and independent Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury.

Arthur, whose victory was bittersweet as it coincided with a loss for his party, tallied 3,665 votes to Benn’s 1,982.

A subdued Arthur, who arrived at the Coleridge & Parry counting centre after 1 a.m. with a few boxes still to be counted, thanked St. Peter constituents for choosing him to represent them again.

“I want first of all to thank the people of St. Peter for the confidence they have shown in me. It has been a very challenging election for me, but the people of St. Peter have stood by me now in nine elections and I am very grateful for their support,” he told the media.

Benn, who also lost to his cousin in the 2008 election, said this was not his final attempt to win the St. Peter seat.

“We had a focus, like any other campaign there would have been a few hitches here and there, but nothing that other campaigns wouldn’t have experienced and I am happy that we had a good team,” he said shortly after Arthur was declared the winner.

“We were more organised than we were last time, but we didn’t win the seat and there were a few things that went wrong along the way of course, including today, but I am not going to dwell on that. I am just thankful that my team has worked and we have gained … a lot more experience than we had last time.

“But let me congratulate Mr. Owen Arthur on his victory and we look forward to the contest next time,” he added. shawncumberbatch@barbadostoday.bb

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