Cheers for Prescod

Flash back: On the campaign trail.

From early, Barbados Labour Party candidate Trevor Prescod claimed a slight lead in the battle for the St. Michael East constituency, over incumbent Kenny Best.

It was a lead that would increase as the evening progressed and eventually give Prescod the victory over his Democratic Labour Party opponent, in a reverse of the 2008 elections when he lost the seat to Best.

At 7:15 p.m., Returning Officer Jeffrey Headley reported that things were looking good so far and there had been no challenges or difficulties as he awaited the arrival of the first set of ballots at the counting centre at the Barbados Community College.

Twenty minutes later, the boxes arrived as a small group of people were gathering on the outside of the auditorium.

More than a hour later, the atmosphere was reduced to a lull, with the crowd having disappeared or migrated elsewhere to listen to results or celebrate.

At 10:30 p.m., the contents of the first four boxes were revealed with QA1 being the first to be called revealing that Best had accumulated 132 votes to Prescod’s 135.

The first four boxes showed that Prescod was ahead and after a short break, four more boxes were announced and they showed that Best was improving in the number of votes he was obtaining, but it still was not enough to keep up with the BLP’s opponent.

Before the final boxes were tallied, the Barbados Labour party supporters began to arrive for the results. Filled with excitement and wearing their “Things dread, we voting red” T-shirts, the crowd erupted in cheers when it was revealed that Prescod won with 2,452 to Best’s 2,333 votes. (KC)

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