Boyce back for another term

by Chris Gollop

Sharing with residents on the campaign trail.
Sharing with residents on the campaign trail.

Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce, pulled off what he described as an “against the odds” victory to retain his seat in Christ Church South.

When Returning Officer Kenneth Hall declared the final results just after midnight, the Democratic Labour Party candidate had actually increased his majority in securing a 2,663 to 2,062 victory over the Barbados Labour Party’s Dr. Jerome Walcott.

Independent candidate Steve Hunte, a newcomer to the political stage, garnered 39 votes.

“Tonight represents a wonderful moment for me,” Boyce said moments after the declaration came at the Cuthbert Pilgrim Memorial Hall just off Maxwell Main Road.

“I want to thank my team for their hard work that enabled me to achieve this victory against the odds,” he told reporters.

Boyce, who was defeated three times before he claimed victory in the Christ Church riding for the first time in 2008, attributed his repeat win to his “personal style” of representation as well as the hard work put in by a dedicated campaign team.

Walcott did not make an appearance at the counting station, however Hunte, who was there for most of the evening, was one of the first to congratulate Boyce and expressed disappointment at Walcott’s absence.

“I would like to ask Dr. Walcott ‘What’s in your heart for the people of Barbados’? That is what I would like to ask Dr. Walcott.”

Hunte was “excited” by his first time showing and made clear he would be back whenever the next vote is called.

“I want to write my name in history’s page by becoming the first plumber to win a seat in Parliament, but I will not do it running for any political party.”

A total of 4,764 votes were cast with 18 spoilt compared to the 4,721 votes cast in 2008.

From early in the count that started just after 8 p.m., it was clear that the pattern of voting was following a similar trend to that of five years ago with Boyce again losing in the VA1 box that includes the Dover area, while Boyce was victorious in the VA2 box in Maxwell Hill.

By the time the declaration was made at 12:12 a.m. Boyce had again won seven of the ten boxes he had won in 2008, while Walcott retained his popularity in the Atlantic Shores, Oistins and Dover areas.

Boyce however tightened his grip in the Bournes Land and St. Christopher areas to increase his overall vote count by 72 when compared to 2008. Walcott recorded 68 votes less than he did in 2008 when Boyce won by 461 votes. This time around he won by 601 votes.

“This is really a special moment for me,” Boyce said as his campaign manager hugged and congratulated him before he encouraged him to join him as he departed for DLP headquarters in George Street.

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