The banquet

I’ve been invited to a banquet

With my Savior, Lord and King,

All that’s needed is provided,

I don’t have to bring a thing.

When Jesus said, “Come and dine.”

I agreed to accept His call,

But some friends came with me

As I went to the dining hall.

When we sat down at His table,

My old pride pulled up a chair,

No invitation had been made

Yet vanity didn’t’t seem to care.

Along with pride came my will,

I never thought he would show

And as others tried to enter,

I knew they would have to go.

Jesus rises from His seat

And with all authority attests,

This banquet is just for two

So outside with all the rest.

This is a private appointment,

Just between My child and Me

When the two of us are together

There is no need to make it three.

We are going to talk about life

And the steps along the way,

The need to follow directions

To accomplish My work each day.

There are some warnings needed

The great danger that is near

And the power of the Spirit

That helps me not to fear.

Through each dinner course

I am nourished deep within,

His love so clearly displayed

As He cleanses me from sin.

What a privilege to partake of

This divine heavenly repast,

Yet when invited to come each day,

All too often I choose to fast.

Have you deserted this banquet,

A spiritual feast with the King,

Malnourished on the inside

And weakened in everything?

Think on the things of His word

And develop a hunger down deep.

Dinner is served in the palace

And you have an appointment to keep.

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