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Tears of joy

Tears of joy

trevor prescod touched by level of response from young people in his constituency

A Crop-Over atmosphere descended on My Lord’s Hill, Lovell Drive, Martinique Road, and surrounding areas earlier today, as Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Micheal East made a whistle-stop tour through the constituency accompanied by calypso maestro, Gabby.

Reports indicate that as many 300 young electors accompanied Prescod on the tour of the constituency.

There was a strong female presence as the electors, in a mood of revelry, danced to the pulsating rhythms of party tunes.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY earlier today, Prescod said he was moved to tears at the level of response shown by the young people. The contest between the two candidates is turning out to be one of the most keenly contested seats in the February 21 general election.

In fact, a political analyst has numbered the seat as one of the battle ground seats in the up-coming general election. (NC)†††

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