Sweep Dem out too

blp first-timer calls on bajans to follow grenada’s example

at elections

Even after three weeks of campaigning the Democratic Labour Party has not shown it deserves another term in office and should be swept out like the former Grenada government was yesterday.

Barbados Labour Party St. Michael West Central candidate, Ian Gooding-Edghill, said based on the content and quality of its own campaign the BLP had shown it was the best party to lead the country.

“Grenada with the same swing has moved in the opposite direction. Change is floating around and we have two days to go and I am confident that the Barbados Labour Party, with your help and with your support, will move this country in the other direction and we will be the second country to sweep them out,” he said last night during a party national meeting at West Terrace, James, held in support of St. James South candidate Sandra Husbands.

“The Democratic Labour Party must go, they have not justified another term.”

The first-timer at the polls said the BLP was “almost there”, having worked hard, and that “we know that it is only a matter of time and despite the Dems trying to abuse us on the political platform … we know that one thing is clear…, that the Barbados Labour Party is on the move, that the Barbados Labour Party is on the road to victory and I say to Barbados tonight that the Democratic Labour Party does not have any moral obligation to come to you and ask you for another five years.”

“When you compare the Democratic Labour Party record what do you have? You have a situation where unemployment that we left at six per cent has moved all the way to 13 per cent and climbing,” he said.

“It is wrong that the party that went to work so hard and worked so hard on your behalf to move unemployed from 24 to six per cent how can the Democratic Labour Party come to you and justify another term when they doubled the unemployment rate that the Barbados Labour Party left?

“They have no policies to generate any growth in Barbados… We were a country accustomed to growth, we had Barbados on a growth path within the Barbados Labour Party,” he added.

Edghill said the BLP was the best option to get the Barbados economy growing again, which would bring employment opportunities for the population.

“This Democratic Labour Party came to office, stagnated growth through their policies and … we have a country on its knees, no leadership,” he stated.

“The Democratic Labour Party has done the greatest job destroying in Barbados because 16,000 jobs were lost under the Democratic Labour Party since 2008.

“I want Freundel Stuart to explain it…: Why is it when you look around the Caribbean region that you have other Caribbean countries that Barbados once looked up to now struggling to make ends meet.”

The candidate, who is the Barbados Employers Confederation president, said Barbados had failed to record economic growth since the DLP came to office in 2008, noting that other Caribbean countries facing challenges similar to the island were growing and “are on the move”.

“It pains me to stand before you and say that Barbados is limping along, but it is limping along because of the ineffective policies of the Democratic Labour Party, it is limping along because of Democratic Labour Party leadership,” he told the meeting audience.

The hotel industry manager also said tourism was “failing under the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party … and you have businesses collapsing in Barbados… We have tourism workers all across Barbados and … they can’t get a full work week, they now subject themselves to reduced work weeks”.

“When you have workers on short time, that means that their income has been reduced. How can they feed their families in this very difficult environment?” he asked.

“The biggest problem with tourism is that the Democratic Labour Party has failed to fund the Barbados Tourism Authority sufficiently so that [it] can go out there and do the job.

“It means that we can’t get sufficient foreign exchange, it means that we can’t provide the employment opportunities… We are struggling in Barbados and St. Lucia is on the go and… and Jamaica has doubled its arrivals.”

He was confident that “Barbadians have had enough and we know we are going to vote out the Democratic Labour Party”. (SC)

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