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No surrender!

No surrender!

best: st. michael east will always belong to DLP

No retreat, no surrender!

Kenneth Best has declared the St. Michael East will forever remain in the grips of the Democratic Labour Party.

“I will surrender this seat to nobody. This seat belongs to the DLP from 2013, and I will lead the charge,” Best asserted to loud applause in My Lord’s Hill, which forms part of his constituency.

Best, the former Deputy Speaker of the House, pledged to continue to do the work for the people living there, including establishing a market in Clarke’s Land Pasture from Monday to Friday, along with a park.

Furthermore, he planned to install lights at Blenheim playing field and ensure the roads in the constituency will be “the envy of Barbados.”

Best also spoke to his accomplishments in St. Michael East, such as the road repairs in Martinique Road, the Ivy and Odessa McClean road. In addition, he has given “pep talks” to the students at the schools in his community on the benefits of education.

The lawyer encouraged young people present to “rise up through education and make yourself marketable”. (LW)

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