Killed on duty

trini cop gunned down with his own gun

PORT OF SPAIN – Hayden Manwaring, the police sergeant shot with his own gun during a fight with a robbery suspect in San Fernando yesterday, has died.

Manwaring, 43, who was shot in the abdomen after his gun was wrestled away, died at around 10:30 p.m. yesterday at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Authority Anil Gosine said that Manwaring underwent surgery, and that emergency room medics did all they could to save him.

Gosine said that Manwarning underwent a three-hour operation performed by two surgeons, but that the gunshot injury was close to the kidney and there was a large amount of blood loss.

Gosine said Manwaring was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where he died.

Constable Nicholas Phillip, who was shot in the arm during the encounter with the criminal suspects, is being treated at hospital.

Manwaring, 43, is the seventh police officer to be killed in the line

of duty since 2002, according to statistics from the Crime and Police Analysis Branch of the Police Service.

On Tuesday afternoon, Manwaring and other officers responded to a report that Mom’s Diner at Cipero Street, San Fernando, had been robbed.

The officers spotted the get away vehicle, a Nissan AD wagon, at Padmore Street, located off the Gulf View Link Road. It was during the apprehension of one of the suspects that Manwaring’s gun was taken away and he and Phillip were shot.

Other responding officers took their wounded colleagues to hospital, and began a search for the suspects.

Police officers called in the Coast Guard , a police helicopter, and soldiers to secure the coast between Embacadere and King’s Wharf.

Within an hour, during raids of several apartments at Embacadere, four suspects were held. One suspect was shot in the chest, and taken to hospital. (Express)

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