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Better things are coming for the constituents of St. James South, says BLP candidate for the area, Sandra Husbands.

Speaking last night on a platform in West Terrace in support of her candidature, she noted that the needs of the residents were different and should be treated as such.

She spoke of the ageing population and noted that she would like them to “connect to IT and to be able to use the technology and feel comfortable” doing so to continue living independently in their homes.

“When senior citizens cannot send an email, cannot use Skpe to talk to a granddaughter, don’t know how to do online banking, don’t know how to go and search for something on the web or to get help that they need.

“I feel it is important that for our senior citizens who are able, that we can make sure that they become IT literate enough that they can function independently using technology to help them to stay in their homes a little longer, stay connected to their families a little bit longer…,” Husbands said.

The first-time candidate’s plans also include free Wi-Fi to enable children of working class families to have access to the Internet therefore allowing them to do their homework; a database of skills, expertise of what people are willing to volunteer in community service; and work with cultural groups.

Another proposal is to work with UWI.

“UWI houses thousands of students who each spend between $2,000 to $3,000 a month and it represents close to $3 million in the Barbadian economy. That money is there for spending and if we can in St. James South identify a set of services, goods and products, that the students would want or need that we can use that as a catalyst for the development of small businesses, small entrepreneurs in the constituency so that the opportunity for making money springs from out of the presence of UWI.

And already across West Terrace, and Oxnards and Wanstead a lot of that is happening but we need additional services, we need hair care services … food delivery programme, a pharmacy, you need all types of additional services to be made available to students and I believe that the people of St. James South can convert the student energy into very positive entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves,” the BLP candidate said.

She said that she was able to hold her head high because the promises the BLP made they delivered on.

“If I’m coming to you as a representative of St. James South and I want to make life better for you but I’m aligned with a party that is incapable of delivering on its promises how am I going to represent you? How will I personally deliver on the things that I am saying to you that I am going to do.

“I have to know that I’m part of a team that can create the environment, make the resources available that as I plan for the advancement of all the constituents in St. James South that the possibility is there for me to be able to deliver so I do not have to come back to you five years from now and make excuses…,” she said. (DS)

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