Don’t mind the polls

inniss: more dlp supporters in barbados than blp

Do not pay any attention to the polls, Barbados is Democratic Labour Party territory.

DLP candidate for St. Michael North East, Patricia Inniss, made this boast last night while addressing a mass meeting in Licorish Village, St. Michael.

Inniss told the large crowd, which had assembled in Licorish Village: “Do not be discouraged by the poll. The party went on a whistle-stop tour today and everywhere we went people were asking for our manifesto.

“There is a campaign that anything the DLP does is not in the interest of Barbados. Before the DLP did anything the Barbados Labour Party was saying that we were going to be a one-term administration.”

Inniss confidently stated that there were more DLP supporters in the country than Barbados Labour Party supporters. She suggested that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur would have anticipated a collapse of the DLP administration because he knew the “economic mess” he had bequeathed to the incoming administration.

Inniss recalled that during the 14 years of his administration Arthur had used parliamentary immunity to expose sensitive information on persons who could not respond to his attacks.†She advised her audience that when they go out to vote on February 21, they must remember that they were voting for their children and their grandchildren.

Commenting on the stewardship of the BLP, Inniss pointed out that after 14 years they were unable to provide 200 housing solutions.

She charged that the BLP had destroyed the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to the extent where some patients had asked that they die at home rather than in that institution.

The St. Michael North East candidate also chided the Owen Arthur administration for not paying more attention to the development of alternative sources of energy.

Inniss noted that at this time, western civilisation could come to a screeching halt if there is not an adequate supply of fossil fuel. She suggested that the Arthur administration should have explored areas such as energy from the sun, wind and even the waves of the sea, which surrounded the island.

Inniss charged that with the subsidisation of fuel by the BLP administration, it had left a debt of $200 million at the oil terminal. She however noted that with the change in government in 2008, Barbados National Oil Company had recorded a small profit.

Noting that Barbados was far behind in the development of alternative sources of energy, Inniss said that under the Owen Arthur administration Barbadians imported a mere $111,000 in photovoltaic panels.

She however pointed out that under the present administration imports of photovoltaic panels had risen to over $3 million. Inniss argued that when Barbadians pursued alternative sources of energy through the use of renewable energy they would notice a reduction in their energy bills and in some cases they could sell some of the excess energy to the national grid.†(NC)†

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