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Busy as a Bee

Busy as a Bee

buzz of activity at blp constituency offices

Today was filled with hectic activity at the campaign offices of Barbados Labour Party candidates as they prepared for tomorrow’s general election.

A team from Barbados TODAY made its first stop at the campaign office of BLP candidate for St. Michael North, Ronald Toppin, where Toppin’s deputy campaign manager, Wayne Alleyne, and a team of workers were ensuring that every thing was in place.

Alleyne explained the office would be opened at 5 a.m. so that the 140 linesmen, drivers and telephone operators could have breakfast before hitting the streets.

Alleyne was unable to say how many vehicles would be deployed during the day to transport electors to the various polling stations.

Over at the St. Michael West campaign office, manager Erskine Branch said their operation would be similar to that at Toppin’s, with a full team deployed to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

He explained that food and refreshments would be provided by a caterer. Addressing the issue of transportation, branch said it will be provided on request.

Meanwhile, over at Norham’s Road, Carrington Village, St. Michael, campaign manager for BLP candidate, Emon Layne, told a team from Barbados TODAY that the campaign office would get going at 6 a.m. Layne said 17 polling agents,†25 linesmen, 30 other persons would be on hand “to bring out the vote”

They will operation from two offices, one at the campaign headquarters on Norham’s Road, and another at Valery in Brittons Hill. Telephone operators will be deployed at both locations to answer any queries.

Layne said 30 cars would be provided to transport electors to the polls. Three caterers will be retained to prepare lunches for workers assigned to the polling stations. (NC)

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