A lovely night

What a night!

That is how I described the second annual Love, Poetry and Song held at Ilaro Court on Saturday evening. For weeks I heard the advertisement on radio and television and honestly I was pleased to see the amount of Barbadians that turned out to support such a worthy cause.

Love, Poetry and Song was created by members of the Barbados Government Service and the HIV/AIDS Committee to raise funds for the HIV Food Bank. They brought together local artiste performing spoken word, song and dance who have truly demonstrated that there is a wealth of talent on this little island of Barbados.

From start to finish, patrons were well entertained – from poets who challenged the mind, to soloist who showed their vocal ability. The only damper came when the rain came down close to end just before the main artiste of the night, Hal Linton, was about to perform. What I love about this concert was that it had something for everyone to enjoy.

I really was impressed by the poets. The way the words just flowed freely was so amazing. They truly made you think and take a step back, and honestly, they all should be proud of their showing.

The soloists on the night shouldn’t be left out either as some of them truly were amazing. What I truly love about this concept of Love, Poetry and Song is that it gives local artistes the opportunity, that some may have never seen, to be highlighted.

The concert shines the light on families and persons living with HIV/AIDS and all proceeds go to the Food Bank, which provides food and toiletries along with counseling and nutritional services. I do hope that many take the challenge and support the HIV Food Bank. The families and persons living with HIV/AIDS need our support to assist their love ones.

I too have decided that the Miss Big & Beautiful Organisation will Adopt a Shelf and participate in this worthy cause.

Before I go, tomorrow is Election Day here in Barbados. As long as you are eligible to vote you need to make your way to the polling station and vote for who you want to represent you. As I keep saying, we in Barbados are at a cross road and this election may be one of the most important we may ever face. Do not be like many who believe that their vote doesn’t count, so they won’t be voting. You are voting for the future of your children’s children.

All businesses are required to give their employees at least an hour to vote so you have no excuse. I would say to all those who will not be voting; whatever is the outcome please do not complain. You did not take the opportunity to make your vote count for something, so regardless of what happens you will have to live with it! Have a wonderful week ahead! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com††††

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