Stamping his mark

blpdwightmotorcadeSt. George South candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, Dwight Sutherland, continued to stamp his mark on the constituency he hoped to represent come February 21, hosting a motorcade in the area last Saturday afternoon.

Kicking off the proceedings at his Ellerton, St. George constituency office, Sutherland and his 150-strong, 20-vehicle entourage boomed through the majority of St. George South, which includes South District, Drax Hall, Boarded Hall and Newbury. The motorcade culminated with a spot meeting in Ellerton.

Sutherland’s campaign director, Mackie Holder, told Barbados TODAY that the entire constituency was not covered in the five-hour event. Therefore, another motorcade will be held tomorrow from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., focusing on Workman’s and Campaign Castle, among others.

Holder stated the campaign team was “quietly confident” based on the response from constituents.

“He has been very well received and … he has been working very hard as well as his team,” Holder said. (LW)

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