Pressing on with road

blptrevorprescodshovellingIt was a road that was little more than a track, but today St. Michael East candidate Trevor Prescod and a team of helpers moved in to provide an easier surface.

With a load of “milling stuff”, the Barbados Labour Party team sought to ease the worry of residents in Odessa McClean Road, St. Michael, and the hopeful candidate spent a bit of time lending a hand, literally, to the effort.

With shovels and other tools, the crew tried as much as possible to add a top layer to the surface of mostly dirt, which one crew member explained became even more difficult to traverse when wet. (LB)

One Response to Pressing on with road

  1. Bob February 21, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    This is laughable and just posing for the camera. How long was then road bad. Almost as bad as Paul Ryan in the US washign clean dishes….LOL


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