Paul has big plans for constituents

dlpfaceinthecrowdJames Paul has “big” plans for the constituents of St. Michael West Central, especially the youth, if they put him back in the House of Assembly.

Paul told them during a political meeting last night at Grazettes, that he intended to expand his existing reading programme to cover youngsters across the entire constituency.

“I am committed to the process of developing people rather than the selected few. The Democratic Labour Party has done that in past five years for those in the community most in need. If a society is only meeting the needs of some, it would not be effectively meeting its goals,” added Paul. He was of the view that the educational system was failing some young people. Some are dropping through the cracks.

“I intend to expand my reading programme to other sectors of the community,” Paul added. “I will find a way to address the reading needs of the community. I invite churches and social groups to partner with me in the process. I [am] determined to find the resources.”

He reminded the constituents that in the past five years, he sponsored three community fairs as an avenue for empowering young entrepreneurs.

“You have carpenters, joiner, food vendors, artists, singers, dancers. We need community fairs to allow these people to showcase these skills. These fairs help persons in the communities,” noted Paul.

“We as representatives of the people don’t give enough attention to entrepreneurship. We does like to talk, but don’t like to walk the talk. I will give you the platform. Help me to carry on the work I started in this community.”

The chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society asked the people of St. Michael West Central to remember how he attached young people to the Farm Labour Programme.

“One of the things I intend to do after February 21 is to identify a plot of land to engage young people to do farming. To teach them the rudiments of farming and management, so they could open their own businesses.

“If you vote for me, I will be a representative who will be coming to you and consulting with you to try to develop appropriate strategies,” promised Paul. (EJ)†††

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