God said it

by Leigh-ann Worrell

Alex Mitchell (left) and Apostle Steve Hunte.
Alex Mitchell (left) and Apostle Steve Hunte.

Forget the latest CADRES poll. God has revealed to Apostle Steve Hunte that the Democratic Labour Party will win the upcoming general election by a narrow margin.

Once that has happens, the Coalition of United Parties has requested an immediate audience with its leader Freundel Stuart, or else a “cruel and unusual punishment” will fall upon Barbados’ pastoral and political leaders.

The self-appointed minister of the gospel made these disclosures this afternoon during an interview with Barbados TODAY at its Warrens, St. Michael office.

“God spoke to me and said that Stuart will be a great leader… just like Joseph in the Bible. Joseph was sold out by his 11 brothers and Stuart had the ‘Eager 11’,” the head of the Kingdom Government of Barbados said.

As for the Barbados Labour Party and its leader Owen Arthur, Hunte asserted it could not regain the reins of power because “[the party] is asking people to vote red. Esau was born red and he sold his birthright, just like … Owen Arthur…”

Concerning the meeting, Hunte emphasised that unless the members of the CUP are able to meet with Stuart, “strange things” will happen to Barbados, especially within the church and politics, adding: “You will hear of things happening to pastors and politicians… That will be God’s judgement on [Stuart].”

The CUP comprises three parties: Hunte’s Kingdom Government of Barbados, the Bajan Free Party, led by Alex Mitchell and the People’s Democratic Congress, represented by its leader Mark Adamson and member Eric Marshall.

Hunte and Mitchell of the Bajan Free Party dismissed both manifestos as “affidavits of lies”, and promised if they were elected, they would instead allow the people to decide on what they wanted to see done in the community.

“People can write down what they want do that they would not be disappointed with the results,” Mitchell explained.

While they admit they were not completely ready for this election, Mitchell and Hunte promised the parties represented in the CUP would continue to work and make their presence felt to ensure they were better known in preparation for the next election. leighannworrell@barbadostoday.bb

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  1. Colleen Henry February 20, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Vote independent , you have no other choice..


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