End the tricks!

bobbymorrisandgeorgepilgrimStop the dirty tricks now!

General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party, George Pilgrim, issued this warning today while addressing a Press conference at party headquarters, George Street, St. Michael.

Pilgrim accused a person or persons unknown of taking a photo-shot and superimposing it on page 54 of its 2013 manifesto indicating that the DLP will remove the boys from the block if they are returned to office following the February 21 general election.

The general secretary further charged that young men are then paid by the Barbados Labour Party to distribute the literature across constituencies.

Pilgrim also complained that around 9:35 p.m. yesterday he received four calls from the constituencies of Christ Church South, Christ Church East, St. Michael South and St. James North, indicating that people were “surgically” removing DLP posters and replacing them with those of the BLP.

The general secretary further noted that in the recent past there were eight disruptions of the party’s billboards, the latest being that of St. George South candidate, Esther Byer-Suckoo.

Earlier, Pilgrim charged the “BLP’s descent into a smear campaign” was an indication that the party was losing the upcoming election.

He cautioned BLP candidate for St. James Central, Kerrie Symmonds, to relinquish his position of lead “muckraker” on BLP platforms, conscious of the fact that he is the father of a young son.

Pilgrim warned him that in an age of social media such as Facebook and Twitter equally vicious persons can “embellish” any story about his young son.†Pilgrim also took issue with the use of an excerpt from a comment made by Sir Frederick Smith on BLP platforms during the current campaign.

He argued that it was “nasty and sick” and called on the hierarchy of the BLP to apologise to one of Barbados’ most outstanding sons.

Meanwhile, in his presentation, manager of the DLP’s campaign, Robert “Bobby” Morris, questioned the accuracy of CADRES poll, which was published late yesterday, claiming it was meant to influence how electors would vote.

Morris questioned how the same pollster could create in a short period of time using the same polling techniques, completely different results.

He noted that one of the polls has been readily identified as being done by the Nation newspaper and they made it clear in today’s paper that the new poll was not theirs. Morris went on to say that the pollster had identified his sponsors and financial backers for the poll.

“So we ask how does a pollsters come up with two polls that are so different in a short period of time and we ask Barbadians to use their intellect and their training to reach a conclusion on what this means.

“How can you have two polls in such a short period of time and come to results very, very different. Is it the methodology? Were the answers there before the poll was carried out? Is the poll about persuading a particular line of thought?

“These are questions that can be posed to the pollster. We are talking about a pollster who is eminently qualified to do his work. So I cast no aspersions on the pollster or the company, but I ask the people of Barbados to ask questions about what they have to believe.

“There is nothing on the ground in the 30 constituencies that suggests that anybody wants to get rid of the DLP,” Morris explained.

Morris noted that none of the major national groups had raised their voices against the DLP. He argued that when the people of a country want to get rid of a government, almost all of the NGOs and the social groups would speak in clear voice and clear tone that the party has to go.

The retired trade unionist identified Dean Emeritus Harold Crichlow of St. Michael’s Cathedral as one of the individuals who thinks that the Government should be given another term to fulfill its programme.

He also identified leading businessman, Peter Boos, as another individual who had gone on record as saying the main problem is not the economy, but values. Boos also argued that the day of the maximum leader and the charismatic leader are over, he added. (NC)††

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