Day of decision

The day of decision is well upon us, and all will soon know where the majority has decided to put their trust and faith for the next five years.

Many fingernails will be bitten off and many heart rate will be heightened from the time the first ballots are counted and the first candidate is announced as elected to Parliament. I can almost hear the screams and the shouts and see the red, yellow or blue banners waving in triumph.

I must take some time out for the ones who will be on the losing side of things, as I know how disappointed they must feel after a long, hard campaign which has produced no fruit. I expect to see many of those losers with the look of shock on their faces, and our photographers with these high speed cameras will be snapping them at the moment they receive the news.

I will always remember the shot of the late and very brief Prime Minister, Sir Harold St John, when his government was defeated by Errol Barrow in 1986. A picture really does say a thousand words.

I never got to any political meetings this time around and since Barbados Today has been so much on point with coverage I managed to see and hear lot from both sides. Even the CUP was given their moment in time and space so indeed I have been kept informed.

I have had a few lessons and learnt quite a bit from the ones on the campaign trail, and even though I really don’t care much about some of the trash I have learnt, one can’t help but to reflect on those lessons.

I have learnt that there is or was a bald pooch cat named Poochie. I have heard of bald eagles, bare-neck fowls, and bald head rastas before, but never of bare pooch cats. A bobbed tail maybe but a bald one never crossed my very imaginative mind before.

As I thought about how it would look I can’t seem to come up with a picture that is or will be a proper sight, so to be termed as one really is not what I would like to be associated with at any time too soon.

I have also learnt of mutilated frogs and lizards, along with unusual looking matter in envelopes. A bit of biology and chemistry in one right there, and as I always had a love for those subjects I found it rather interesting.

Dissecting a frog is one thing I have never done before and one thing that I never will do either. I even hated to clean up the dead ones on the premises after the dogs swatted them or as a little boy swatting one myself, so who took time to handle them must be practising to be a surgeon.

I have also learned a few large words with very meager meanings. I have learned a new way to let one know they are lying or telling lies through the use of these words. I will not risk writing any of them as I have yet to find them in my dictionary, and I am not sure if spell check will okay any of them or provide the correct spelling.

How to insult my fellow candidate has also been high on the list. It seems that this election campaign has been one of very personal vendettas. And no gender is safe, it seems. Insults flew left right and centre from the well educated future and present leaders we are to be voting for on Thursday.

I am fighting hard to remember the important things said to better the economy and lives here that did not have a few insults or name bashing attached.

I have also been reminded that black and white seldom lie. If you don’t want to be traced to a particular statement please don’t put it in writing. Don’t sign your name and please don’t give it to a lawyer either to pass on. I have learned that light banter can be construed to mean what it looks like and not what it may have been intended to mean. I learned to make jokes and show in all ways that they are jokes, and not keep a straight face just in case I am taken in the wrong frame of thought.

As the day beckons, only a brave man would make predictions, and since I consider myself one I will make a few of them. I expect to see young bright BLP candidate Wilfred Abrahams win against Dr Denis Lowe of the DLP. Adriel Brathwaite will be defeated by Anthony Wood, Kenny Best will be thrashed by Trevor Prescod, and James Paul will be beaten by Ian Gooding-Edghill. Those are the ones I am sure of barring a miracle.

As for St Andrew, I see a close race there with Payne and Sandiford-Garner brewing, but if the people stick to the usual then the BLP will regain that constituency. I see also young Santia Bradshaw taking up her post too in Parliament.

As for Noel Lynch, I don’t think he will be any giant slayer this toss. The PM will spank him well and with a fair amount of muscle too, but as for Sealy versus Gill, I will not put my neck too far out on that one. Cadres poll is saying now a 20 to 10 BLP win, but I was calling it a 17 to 13 or 16 to 14 going either way.

People are saying the B or D but the only way they can be sure is by voting for either. Spoilt votes don’t count and since we need to make it count please don’t go playing X and O’s those of you who have an Independent on your ballot paper.

Whatever the outcome is, we all will continue our daily and weekly routines. Please don’t expect any miracles to happen too soon after. When you check your pockets and see there is still a void yet to be filled, just stay calm. When you hear that CLICO policy holders still waiting to receive their money just like Al Barrack, don’t panic, be calm. Nothing will change too soon people.

Continue to budget hard and think of all other ways you can save a penny. Question is: Will it be Dems Now and Dems Again, or will it be “Enuff of Dem”, making way for the Dread Red, and A Better Tomorrow?

You and I will help to make that decision come Thursday.

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