dlpflagbearerSt. Michael North candidate for the Democratic Labour Party, Francis DePeiza, stopped short of calling the Barbados Labour Party’s manifesto an act of plagiarism.

Telling an audience in Grazettes last night, at the boundaries of the St. Michael North and St. Michael West Central constituencies that most of the proposals in the BLP document were either already implemented, introduced or planned for by the DLP, he stated:

“The [DLP] vision is one that is feasible; it is real and tangible and it is achievable. The same cannot be said of the BLP piece of 80-page document, much of which is a waste because it has already been started.

“How can a serious political party consider they offer to you that they will give houses to the people of Grazettes and Eden Lodge for free? How can they talk about rent to own homes? We ain’t doing that already?

“Those of you in St. Michael North know that the pilot for that was started here. Could they be serious or is this another gimmick? How can they be serious and offer you a tax credit for health care as though Chris [Sinckler] had not announced it in the Budget? I don’t want to call it plagiarism … but they offer our policies to you as promises. Any serious party understands that if you come with promises at least be intellectually honest enough to bring something new,” he said.

Pointing out that the BLP only had “a lot of airy fairy promises”, DePeiza went on to question the party’s stance on the Value Added Tax.

He questioned how if no income was coming into the country could the BLP cut VAT and still pay the island’s bills.

“Are these serious people. Let me tell you these are serious times where we are going to be called upon to take a serious look at sustaining economies. Gone are the days when you can consider selling land to get foreign exchange, but the BLP put that in their manifesto. They ain’t try that already?

“How can you put in your manifesto that you want people to retire in Barbados. Isn’t that the same policy when you sold land to highest bidders?” he queried, adding that focus on raising foreign exchange was in fact rooted in a policy of selling off land.

Noting too that the exchange rates were no longer what they once were, even in the primary tourist markets for Barbados, the St. Michael North candidate said the millionaires and billionaires who could afford to buy land here would still find themselves losing a large percentage on each dollar they convert for the purpose. These people, he argued, though rich, did not have the same kind of liquidity in these tough times that they once did and furthermore were not inclined to spend as freely as before.

“Wherein lies the vision? On what basis could you rely on them? If they are so devoid of ideas that they are rehashing old ones, how can you entrust a government to that kind of thinking? In contrast the DLP has a vision for an economy that is retooled and made more robust,” he pointed out. (LB)

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 20, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    They are playing the game blind man’s bluff or blind something, because it appears they clearly cannot see the difference between what are DEMS policies and their own fairy tales.


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