Community centre coming for St. Bartholomews site

dlphatshirtsshoesnobodyRunning to ruins for decades, the site of the former St. Bartholomew’s Girls’ School will soon have new life.

“The Ministry of Housing has already approved development of the site of the St. Bartholomew’s Girls’ School into a multipurpose community centre, a day care centre, a pharmacy, library and a big hall…,” revealed incumbent for Christ Church East, Dr. Denis Lowe. He was speaking at a spot meeting in No. 1 Fairy Valley, Christ Church last night.

Lowe also asserted he was not happy with the state of the St. Bartholomew’s Primary School, and hoped to work on improving its standing in the future.

“It is one of the most glorious locations for a school, but [it] is in bad shape and we need to do something for about school,” he added.

In addition, the Minister of Agriculture spoke to his achievements in assisting the schools in the constituency, including providing sponsorship for sports and graduation trophies along with assisting with sporting tournaments.

As for providing opportunities for the older constituents, Lowe said he had been able to help with the appointment of nine Justices of the Peace in the area as well as on statutory corporations he oversaw.

“I look after my people and my people are good enough to sit in any board room… The measure of my success does not hinge upon my popularity, it hinges upon my commitment to deliver.”

Showing a softer side, Lowe added that even on the darkest days of his sickness, he prayed for strength so he could help the people of Christ Church East.

“Now I stand before you as a man that is totally committed … and with my infirmity and human frailty, I am committed to do the best that I can,” he told the small crowd gathered, to loud applause and cheers. (LW)

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