Bee-lieve it!

blpflagbearerFormer Deputy Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, believes that on February 21, Barbadians will be voting for immediate relief and as part of a historic mission.

Mottley expressed these views last night while addressing a political meeting at Villa Road, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. She gave assurance to the large crowd gathered that life as we used to know it would resume shortly.

Mottley, who is the Barbados Labour Party’s candidate for the constituency of St. Michael North East, stressed that ordinary people must have the same opportunities as other groups. She accused the Democratic Labour Party of widening the gap between those who have and those who do not have.

Mottley noted that the tax concessions given to Cost-U-Less dwarfed what was spent on summer camps and free bus fares.

The former Minister of Economic Affairs asked how many people from Villa Road, the Ivy and Bush Hall got work on the Valerie Project, Forde’s Road Project and Country Park Towers.

She also questioned how many people from the districts mentioned above would find work at the Grotto Housing project, and charged that the Government had borrowed money from the National Insurance Scheme to temporarily hold the houses at Coverley, Christ Church.

The former deputy prime minister told the crowd that Barbadians were not expressing any interest in purchasing a property for in excess of $300,000 with very little extra space for expansion.†She warned too that if a government continued to give contracts to a tiny minority, Barbados ran the risk of becoming stagnant.

Examining Barbados’ system of governance, Mottley suggested that it must change so that there would be more interaction with the governed. Mottley said she anticipated that there would be many meetings with the young people who were asking why, when, where and how, in relation to the goverance of the country.

Addressing the issue of regional integration, Mottley pointed out that if the region opened its borders, businesses would have a market in excess of five million people, noting that the countries of the Eastern Caribbean remained the main market for Barbados’s goods and services. (NC)

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    I do not believe in fairytales


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