Worst than sucking salt

blpsupporterspauseBajans are now sucking salt but risk not having even that if the Democratic Labour Party is returned to office.

“I say to you tonight you may suck salt now, but if you go back to the Democratic Labour Party it will be worse (because) you will suck the salt if you can find the salt to suck,” former Barbados Labour Party candidate, Tyrone Lovell, said last night. This was as the party mounted its general election platform at Redman’s Village in support of St. James Central candidate Kerrie Symmonds.

During his speech, Lovell severely criticised Symmonds’ opponent in Thursday’s poll, calling him “frog man” and telling constituents not to elect him because he did not adequately represent them.

“You have never heard … Hutson say he is unhappy that you are paying increased costs for food and if he has not said so it means that he is happy that you are paying more for food, and if he is happy that you are paying more for food then you must get rid of … Hutson,” he told the audience.

“Everyone of you over the age of 65 who is going to the pharmacy today … and have to pay for medication I am saying to you the medication that you got free under Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party that today you now have to pay for… Hutson has never said he is unhappy or he is against it.

“You are being pilloried by this bad Government and you cannot … look yourself in the mirror and tell me now if you have ever heard George Hutson say “Things are hard; I must fight for my constituents, my government is beating up on them and I must do something about it’. He has never ever spoken on your behalf.

“VAT was moved from 15 to 17 and a half per cent and when that was done George was in Parliament thumping the table,” Lovell added.

He also called Hutson “the worst Minister of International Business Barbados has ever seen”.

“This is a bad, bad, bad government,” he stated. “There is hope. There is hope with Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall… There is hope with the Barbados Labour Party.”

“The people of Barbados took a chance with them… [now] the country needs to be saved. Barbados needs a better tomorrow.” (SC)

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