Warner wins chess qualifier

sportsdelilsewarnerFIDE Master Delilse Warner has won the first qualifier for the Barbados National Chess Championship, with an almost perfect score of 8½ points from 9 games.

Playing recently in the last round at the Bridgetown Chess Centre, Cavan’s Lane, St. Michael, Warner won by default from an ill Jonathan Shepherd of Harrison College to keep his full point lead over Roberto Castillo from Cuba.

Castillo continued his good form in recent tournaments to finish a clear second on 7 ½ points after defeating veteran Anthony Earlam in the final 9th round. This defeat also put paid to Earlam’s effort to qualify for the national finals as he ended on 5 points in 6th spot.

The top five players will be the ones to qualify for the finals.

In third spot was top rated junior Yutien Poon of The Lodge School who defeated Niccolo Walrond in the last round to finish on 6 Ω points. Allon Richards (Foundation School) won against Othneil Harewood to garner 6 points for 4th place, while Orlando Husbands (The Lodge) defeated Matthew Worrel to finish in clear fifth on 5 ½ points.

Going forward

Another winner in the last round included Italian Andreas Janoha who schooled Providence’s Luke Cardozo in the art of the game.†The players going forward to the finals will be Warner, Castillo, Poon, Richards and Husbands.

Other players wanting to reach the finals with a chance to claim the chess king’s crown from current champion Martyn Del Castilho, will have to bring their battle gear for the second qualifier later down in the year.

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