Under the radar

When asked about smart phones, nine times out of ten, people will give you one of three responses, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC one X.

That other one time you might be greeted with an answer of Google Nexus or even Sony Xperia. Funny enough, the company that without a doubt single handedly saved the Android OS and brought it into to media spotlight, Motorola, has since mostly been forgotten.

Another company has somehow also been able to remain mostly under the radar, despite handing out some very good offerings. I refer to the LG Optimus line, which although is not as popular as other smart phones, can still throw down with the best of them, at least on paper.

And LG has finally showed off the XL 5.5-inch version of its upcoming Optimus G Pro. The unveiling came at the end of a Facebook promo and also came with a projected launch date for Korea. LG also filled in the blanks they left from the showing at CES and finally gave a vague window for an ETA in North America.

The CPU is none other than the Snapdragon 600, a 1.7GHz quad-core beast, second only to its big bother the 800, which can top out at 2.3GHz. The CPUs offer PC-like performance and are both capable of out-putting 4K video, according to their makers Qualcomm.

New tweaks also take advantage of all this new power and include dual recording, which use both the front and rear facing cameras simultaneously, and although I can’t think of an actual real life situation when this would be needed I’m sure you can. Another new feature is VR Panorama, which seems to be an attempted to equal Google’s Photo Sphere 3D-like photo stitching.

Now besides the beefed up 1080P screen and few amped internals, the G Pro also has a larger battery, enabling slightly longer life, but keeps its 2GB RAMS, 13MP rear facing camera, microSD slot and of course LTE.

While a Q2 project launch is slated for this side of the planet, Korean carriers will be launching this phone as early as Wednesday for around 968,000 won (roughly $879 US) so it is there with big boys in terms of pricing.

Hopefully the Optimus G Pro will win more respect for LG’s mobile division from the North American market as it is deserved. I can’t wait to see and hear more about this device, but at 5.5 inches I would say it’s just a bit too big for me personally and may be a bit too small to be a Galaxy Note alternative. It’s, sadly, in no man’s land at the moment and might just be the down fall of an otherwise spectacular device. But only time will tell.

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