Toppin and crew take to the road

blptoppinonderoad“No Stopping Toppin”.

It was what the trucks of supporters were waving on red banners today as Barbados Labour Party incumbent Ronald Toppin took to the roads of his constituency for a motorcade.

Three large trucks and a number of other vehicles were packed with supporters who came out to help the candidate who is hoping to be returned to Parliament to represent the people of St. Michael North for the next five years.

“Vote Ronald Toppin”, was the tag on each truck which had been plastered with the candidate’s likeness, even as his supporters waved placards and flags declaring “No Stopping Toppin” to show their support.

Young and old filled the backs and cabs of the trucks and packed into the cars that followed the procession of music through the streets. (LB)

One Response to Toppin and crew take to the road

  1. Esther Toppin June 1, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Go Toppin show them who is the boss


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