Time to transform Licorish Village

Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael East, Trevor Prescod, has expressed a desire to transform Licorish Village.

Prescod gave this commitment last night while addressing a mass meeting in Licorish Village, St. Michael. The former Minister of Social Transformation told his audience that he was very concerned at the large number of persons who have had their electricity supply disconnected recently.

He gave the residents of the district the assurance that if he is elected in the February 21 general elections he would take steps to encourage them to become self-employed. The former parliamentary representative for the area promised to set up a health shop in Licorish Village and several micro businesses.

Prescod bemoaned the fact that many young people in the district were being sent to an early grave because of stress and he referred to a young contractor who died recently after his business folded. He suggested that one only had to read the press to recognise that the list of obituaries was increasing every Sunday and the age range was dropping.

Prescod argued that this had arisen because of the policies of a “stupid government”. He charged that “this uncaring Government” had increased the shop licence from $350 in 2008 to $1,000. Prescod told his audience that since he started his campaign on behalf of black businesses, he had been encouraged by some of the owners to continue the fight.

He charged that since the ownership of Tri-Mart has changed, Government was now paying rents of $35,000 per month for office space at two of their locations. The former parliamentarian noted that a well known contractor from the district had been unable to secure a job since the change of Government five years ago, noting that like other black businesses across Barbados, Arthur Construction, on Green Hill was experiencing major challenges.

Prescod charged that while black businesses in the district were going belly up, the outgoing representative had remained silent. The political hopeful also voiced his concern that many educated young people from the district were unable to fulfill their potential. He promised to establish a hall of excellence on Blenheim Pasture and a visual arts programme at the Landship headquarters in the district. Prescod recalled that when it became Government policy that every child between the ages of three and five should attend a pre-school institution, his constituency was the first to benefit from this policy.

He further recalled he ensured that the catchment area for this nursery school was the surrounding districts and pledged to ensure that a similar policy would be pursued at the Charles F. Broome School on Government Hill. (NC)

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