Stuart ‘not scared’ of Arthur

dlpfreundelstuartatorangehillPrime Minister Freundel Stuart is not afraid of Barbados Labour Party Leader Owen Arthur.

Stuart made the statement last night in Eden Lodge as he told a modest gathering of supporters and other residents that Arthur had been trying to create fear in those around him.

Charging that the former Prime Minister had wasted many of the opportunities to push the country further, given that he had more resources at his disposal than the DLP Administration did now, Stuart said Arthur had squandered and wasted both the opportunities and the finances.

“And he is coming back. He is so devoid of shame that he comes back to the people of Barbados giving the impression that he has washed himself off … and he is now clean. Can’t happen. Wasted the resources of Barbados and wasted an opportunity to transform this country for all time.

“But you know why he could not get it done, because he

virtually blackmailed his own party into making him leader. So he did not come by leadership because of any talent, he came to leadership of the Barbados Labour Party by virtual blackmail, standing up in Parliament and saying that the party was not serving him well enough and he was going to leave and his party got afraid and gave him an opportunity to earn a few extra cents in his pocket. That is why he is so obsessed with the idea of getting money in yuh pocket, because he knew how he got it into his.”

The St. Michael South incumbent added: “You don’t want a leader of Barbados best known across the Caribbean for how well he can curse people. A leader who believes that since many people do not respect him, he has to make them as afraid of him as possible; so he uses fear as a weapon to get people to subject themselves to him. And a half-of-clown that we had in the Democratic Labour Party came with that same foolishness,

that Owen tell he if you want to be a good leader you got to make people frighten for yuh, but Owen Arthur and Clyde Mascoll put together can’t frighten anybody.

“That’s what you want. That is what people were saying in Barbados when Errol Barrow was leading it. This is the leader you want, not people who walk around riddled with insecurities and wanting you to genuflect … to them because you are afraid of them.

“That is what happened in the public service and that is what happened in the Barbados Labour Party — that this tin god overnight had a few cowards in there afraid of him, and he actually believed he could universalise those tactics and get people in the Democratic Labour Party frighten for him too.

“Well I wish him luck with that because there is not a drip of frightened blood running in the veins of Freundel Jerome Stuart, I gine tell yuh dat,” stated the Prime Minister. (LB)

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