Stuart is the better choice

dlphammielawiddemFormer representative for St. Michael South East, Hamilton Lashley, has argued that a widespread belief that the Freundel Stuart administration will be a one-term Government had rekindled the spirit in party members and supporters.

And he further argued that at this juncture of Barbados’s political history, Stuart was the better person to assume the office of Prime Minister.

Lashley presented these arguments last night while addressing a mass meeting at Paragon, Brittons Hill, St. Michael.

He recalled that after an earlier poll had shown that the Democratic Labour Party was trailing the Barbados Labour Party by seven percentage points, pollster, Peter Wickham, had predicted that the Freundel Stuart Administration would be a one-term government.

The veteran parliamentarian however noted that in recent times, the DLP had gathered momentum and narrowed the gap between itself and the Opposition party.

Lashley, who admitted that he was a “Dem and will always remain a Dem”, said he could imagine the mental anguish Arthur was experiencing now that Stuart was being seen as the most popular politician in the country.

He called on all members and supporters of the DLP to turn out at the polls and cast their votes for the party on February 21.

Throwing his own support behind the party, he told the large crowd that in spite of BLP propaganda, Patrick Todd would be victorious in the coming poll in the City.

The former politician who was known for his tendency to cross the floor, said every social programme conceptualised by the DLP was bitterly criticised by the BLP, which he charged did not care about poor people.

On his last occasion crossing to the BLP, he said he was not warmly welcomed by some members and that each time he got up to speak in Parliament, members walked out of the Chamber.

“When they continued to walk out on me I said nothing, but when I walked out on them they began to walk about and say that I am a bad person,” Lashley explained.

He asserted that the BLP always underestimated the intelligence of poor black people and he did not think that they were aware the government was doing a good job under trying conditions.

He advised his audience to recognise the party and the individuals who were responsible for their liberation from colonial oppression, urging the crowd to vote for Stuart and avoid selling their birthright.†(NC)

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