Sound investment advice for CFA Society

Paul Michael Jenkins, International Investment Advisor with Scotia Capital, presenting on Global Asset Allocation.
Paul Michael Jenkins, International Investment Advisor with Scotia Capital, presenting on Global Asset Allocation.

Barbadians involved in the investment business received some valuable advice last Friday at the CFA Annual Forecast Dinner at the Barbados Hilton.

It came from International Investment Advisor with Scotia Capital, Paul Michael Jenkins, shared sound investment strategies with the audience of analysts.

“In today’s economic environment, adherence and understanding of risk is paramount,” he said. “A portfolio in today’s environment should be aware of poor market fundamentals and overbought equities markets, possibility of increased interest rates in near future, and cognizant that safety and caution are the play. We therefore are advising of a more cautious approach to managing portfolios.”

“Selecting intelligent investment grade bonds in the emerging market is one strategy (Australia, New Zealand, Chile & Brazil), reducing durations, and exposure to bank products such as Guaranteed Investment Certificates is another. We want our portfolios to be selective in the bonds or credits we choose, being mindful that rates will rise. We as advisors should be ahead of the market in evaluating this risk.”

The forecast dinner is Barbados CFA Society’s marquee event, and a major highlight of the Barbados investment calendar. Jenkins was one of three financial experts, joined by international advisors Daniel D’Aniello, chairman and co-founder of The Carlyle Group, and Dr. Carl Ross, Managing Director of Investments at Oppenheimer & Co., who discussed stock, bond, commodity and currency markets, as well as gave their forecasts for the year ahead.

The Barbados CFA Society is an association of local investment professionals such as portfolio managers, investment advisors, educators and other financial professionals. It is a member society of CFA Institute, a global not-for-profit organisation comprising over 100,000 investment professionals worldwide, 90,000 of whom are CFA charter holders.

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  1. Tony Webster February 23, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    If we had no exchange control regimen here, this advice would be “on target”. Sad to say, with our own local exchange somewhere between moribund and dead, (and other Caribbean exchanges little better), the gentleman could usefully have been advised to adress local realites and opportunities instead. Post CLICO, these are also somewhere between dread, and dead, and with virtually no market liquidity, there is only one direction the market can realistically be expected to move. The topic therefore – and sadly- seems academic.


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