Polls give Owen ‘failing grade’

blpmanifestoowenThe latest CADRES poll did not say anything the Democratic Labour Party did not already know.

This was the gist of a statement issued this evening by the party in response to the poll commissioned by the Nation Publishing Company and released in its Sunday publication.

“The DLP notes with interest the findings of the latest CADRES opinion poll,” the statement said. “The poll findings seem to be belatedly reflecting what we have known and been saying all along.

“It has been clear to us for some time now that Barbadians from various walks of life are rejecting Owen Arthur as either some magical economist, or as a leader imbued with the personal values they desire in a leader.

“On the other hand our leader, Freundel Stuart, is accepted across Barbados as a decent, honourable man from humble beginnings who has risen to high office and has maintained an unblemished character throughout. He adheres to the highest ethical standards, and has been a steady hand during this most difficult of periods in the world.”

The party added that the gains in the leadership as measured by the poll “shows that our leader has gained 16 percentage points over the last month”.

“This is simply a phenomenal increase, and it makes one wonder about the polling data reported in the past. The gains reported for Freundel have come at the expense of Mr. Owen Arthur, who has fallen by three percentage points over the last month. This shows that even former supporters of Mr. Arthur now prefer Freundel Stuart as their leader.

“Freundel has, however, shown significant gains among the important category of uncertain voters. As the campaign has progressed and Mr. Arthur, his record and character have come under scrutiny, his stocks have fallen. The momentum is clearly with the DLP and Freundel and we are confident that the decency and calm leadership will win out in this election.”

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