Political tribalism rising

dlpronaldjonespausedThere is a new kind of political tribalism taking place in Barbados that if it isn’t nipped in the bud could promote a garrison mentality.

Charging that the way in which it is being done is something not of a local making, Christ Church East Central incumbent Ronald Jones said the Barbados Labour Party brought in persons to advise them how to do it.

“They imported into Barbados several months ago, some persons who deal with what is called perception management, how to play around with people’s minds. It is like people who play with the bone dice. You shape it and roll it and smack your fingers.

“They wanted to gamble with the lives of Barbadians. They were naked — perception management.

“Then I turned up one morning and I was travelling through St. Michael North East and I saw all of this red wrapped around [poles]. That has never happened in Barbados before. Thankfully I don’t see any red rolling about in here, but all through St. Michael North East, all down Highway 7 in Christ Church, this red, wrapped around poles. That is part of the danger of tribalism emerging in Barbados.

“You mark like the dog the spot that you mark. You know that dogs urinate in the spot under their control? You know that? They are now demarcating areas that they want to control. They are beginning to create garrison mentality in Barbados. Something that has never existed.

“A red shirt will pass through here and no one troubles them, but you know if a yellow shirt passes, no matter if it is plain without a mark on it, they would make noise about it. That is a dangerous culture emerging in this country and I would encourage them to stop it now,” he advised.

He said he wanted the party to “let decency prevail” by removing the red flags and banners.

“This country is too small to have that level of behaviour. You mark your territory. The gangs of Los Angeles mark their territory by coloured cloth on the poles as well. They demarcate their territory and create a balkanistic tendency, those inside stay in, those outside don’t come in. I saw that as I drove around St. Michael North East… whoever the candidate is should stop it.” (LB)

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