One big party

beesanddeespartyingrazettesIt has often been suggested that behind closed doors politicians are friends, while their supporters find it hard to put aside their differences.

Today however, scores of supporters of the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, in the heat of campaigning, showed clearly that despite political difference Barbados and its peaceful way of life must always come first.

This afternoon when DLP and BLP supporters met up in Grazettes, St. Michael while participating in their respective motorcade celebrations, except for the differences highlighted by the red and yellow shirts, for a brief moment it was just one big happy family.

The BLP supporters were endorsing the incumbent for the St. Michael North constituency, Ronald Toppin, and DLP supporters were backing his opponent, Francis DePeiza and along came a third group — DLP supporters of incumbent for St. Michael West Central, James Paul.

What happened when the three converged apparently shocked onlookers. With music blaring loudly and emotions running high, scores of people began to disembark the trucks. Waving flags and placards of their candidates, the supporters ran to each other, despite party affiliation, embraced and began dancing, singing and enjoying the moment.

Tonight, no doubt the platform bashing continued, but ordinary Barbadians demonstrated clearly they will remain Barbadians first. (KC)

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  1. Clyde Layne February 18, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    This is why I love Barbados.
    Did you expect to see anything else?
    Look at the Arthur family in St Peter,this is bajan politics to the fullest.


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