Not so, Jack

National Security Minister Jack Warner.
National Security Minister Jack Warner.

PORT OF SPAIN — An internal e-mail trail at the Ministry of National Security shows that a base was sought for the New Flying Squad Investigation Unit.

And while Minister of National Security Jack Warner claims the unit remains defunct since it was shut down in the 1980s, investigations show otherwise. Newly-appointed National Security Operations Centre director Garvin Heerah was aware of plans to revive the unit.

Evidence of this is shown in a series of e-mails obtained by the Sunday Guardian that was sent to Heerah during September and October last year. Among them is a September 21 e-mail discussing the rental of office space for the unit at Nanan Street East, Aranguez.

The e-mail reads: “Please see below the location in Aranguez for the location for FS housing unit. It is a prime spot and the location is close to the highway for easy access.”

The two-storey building that was being proposed is equipped with fire detectors, sensors, cameras and motion sensors. When the Sunday Guardian contacted Heerah last week asking him to shed some light on the details of the e-mail, he said: “I prefer to discuss this matter off the phone. There is some more information that you need to get. What you are seeing is the facilitation of information.

“I will explain it at another time that is appropriate. I have to get permission.”


However, while Heerah shied away from commenting, the owner of the building, Sherrick Ishmael, confirmed that the National Security Ministry contacted him last year in connection with renting the building to set up the unit.

“We had all the documentation in place,” Ishmael said. “The last I heard from them is that they were interested. I went out of the country so I did not hear anything further from them. I do not know what is going on.”

The Guardian learnt the Aranguez location was not suited for the covert operation and a decision was then taken to set up operations from an office at the premises of Trident Technical and Logistical Services and Donrich Security Kennels, at Factory Road, Golden Grove Road, Arouca. Something went awry sometime between October and December last year as investigations show plans were also on stream to bring the unit under the remit of the police service. (Guardian)

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