No to treachery

dlppmgesturesandireenePrime Minister Freundel Stuart last night endorsed the candidacy of Irene Sandiford-Garner, calling her an alternative to “a culture of treachery, back-stabbing and whisper campaigns” that previously characterised the incumbent for the constituency of St. Andrew.

The St. Michael South incumbent himself noted that from 1991 to present, St. Andrew, which includes parts of St. James and St. Peter, had been represented by a Barbados Labour Party.

He further told supporters and others at a meeting in Orange Hill, St. James that their area had become a part of the St. Andrew constituency under Tom Adams in an attempt to win the seat.

“This constituency of course, came into existence as part of St. Andrew in 1981 when Tom Adams decided if St. Andrew were left to itself the Barbados Labour Party could not win down there and he therefore decided to chop it down in such a way that he could add this part of the country onto St. Andrew and try to influence the electoral ballot. Let’s be frank, it worked for a while but it is not going to work in this election because George Payne has spent all of the political capital he has had from 1991 and is now one of the most intellectually and politically bankrupt politicians to be found anywhere in the Commonwealth,” said Stuart.

Payne, he added, had spent very little time in the Parliament over the last five years, and whenever he showed it was to oppose and criticise legislation being put in place in the interest of the masses.

Telling the people that Payne was a part of a conspiracy led by Owen Arthur to oust Mia Mottley from within the BLP, the Prime Minister said that it was time to put an end to that kind of politics.

“[Owen Arthur] would want you to believe tonight that the BLP is this united organisation and that if you vote for them in the next election, you have a united government. They have shown you just in the year 2010 what their capacities are in terms of wielding daggers on one another. Dale Marshall was her deputy, she trusted him. She thought Dale Marshall had her back. In fact he did have her back, but he had it so he could ram his dagger in it and that is what he did, and Owen Arthur smiled with her, broke bread with her and when the time came he rammed the dagger in her back as well.

“You know who was part of all of that? That culture of treachery and back-stabbing and undermining, George Payne was part of that. If the people of St. Andrew in general, and the people of Orange Hill in particular, like that culture of back-stabbing you can vote for George Payne again but I am certain you don’t and you have to show your revulsion at that kind of political behaviour, that kind of treachery, that kind of elevation … [to] a role model. Show your revulsion of it by voting against George Payne, by voting against Owen Arthur, by voting against the Barbados Labour Party.

“Irene Sandiford-Garner and the Democratic Labour Party are a good and viable and credible alternative to that culture of treachery, back-stabbing and whisper campaigns and tonight I commend Irene Sandiford-Garner to you,” he told the people, noting that she had served in the Senate and Cabinet of Barbados with distinction. (LB)

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