No land tax for 18,000

blpreginaldfarleyAn estimated 18,000 Barbadians will not have to pay land tax if the Barbados Labour Party is returned to office on Thursday.

Not only that, St. Michael South Central candidate David Gill told a mass meeting tonight at Bridge Road, St. Michael that this concession would release about $17.2 million into the economy.

Gill announced that the $200,000 which represented those who had been previously removed from the land tax net, would increase. Noting that the Barbados Labour Party manifesto was written in positive “I will” language, he gave the assurance that his party’s proposed restoration of public servants’ allowances of $400 or $800 per month, amounted to at least $72,000 a year each.

“That,” he added, “could put those officers in a position to obtain a decent bank loan.”

He pledged a raise in the reverse tax credit from $1,500 to $20,000.

“There are people who are still owed that tax credit,” claimed the St. Michael South Central hopeful.

Senior citizens, Gill told the meeting, would get a tax allowance of $50,000 and an additional $10,000 for those taking care of the elderly.

“The Democratic Labour Party brought hell on the poor and elderly in the past five years. The DLP dismantled the Drug Service,” he continued.

He suggested that happened to the point where the poor and elderly were faced with having to find $150 per month for medication.

“How can you afford that,” the man seeking a seat in Parliament asked.

“People are clamoring for the BLP manifesto because they know a better tomorrow looms. This is the hour of healing wounds and scars under the Democratic Labour Party,” Gill submitted.

Gill also took a turn in Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his opponent Richard Sealy, who is minister of tourism. He described both as two blind mice. But his focus was on Sealy, whom he urged to tell Barbadians what really happened to the Rihanna concert which was supposed to be a yearly event.

“Tell the people. I want to know if any companies siphoned off any money before the concert and [who was] associated with them,” declared the BLP candidate. (EJ)†††

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