Mascoll: BLP offers more

blpmascollFormer Opposition Leader, Clyde Mascoll, has suggested that a manifesto must first address the needs of people and should not be seen as a mere statement of intent.

Mascoll offered this suggestion last night while addressing a mass meeting in Licorish Village, St. Michael.

The former parliamentary representative for St. Michael North West said the Barbados Labour Party had identified the cost of living, housing and unemployment as areas that needed to be addressed.

Mascoll claimed that there many persons in the crowd who are civil servants who were hurting because they had not received a salary increase in the past four years.

He further claimed that there were several private sector workers who had either experienced a cut in salary or were working fewer days per week.

The economist charged that based on this information, several workers had experienced a decline in their standard of living since 2007.

He noted that under the Owen Arthur administration, Barbadians not only enjoyed increases in their salaries, but also enjoyed a better standard of living because they had money in their pockets.

Mascoll acknowledged that the first issue the Barbados Labour Party has to address when it resumes office will be a reduction in taxes because workers have not enjoyed an increase in salaries in the last four years.

He gave his audience the assurance that the BLP has crafted a number of policies to make their life easier in the immediate future.

Mascoll charged that since the Democratic Labour party did not have a record of which they could be proud, they had concluded that attack was the best form of defence.

The former Opposition Leader disclosed that the BLP had put plans in place to ensure that the youth use the new technology to become more involved in business, adding that a new BLP administration had put plans in place in response to the concerns expressed by respondents in recent polls.

Mascoll argued that contrary to the belief held by the Freundel Stuart Administration, Barbados possessed the human and physical capital to rescue the country.

He argued that this was an extremely exciting time to capture a government, adding that unlike the current administration, the BLP believed that something could be done to correct the economic situation.

He told his audience that every measure they planned to introduce they have attached a costing to because the DLP was prepared to say it could not be done.

Mascoll charged that the current Government was the weakest since Independence. (NC)

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