‘I saved Stuart’

blpowenarthurwordscanthurtmeBarbados Labour Party leader, Owen Arthur, said today, he saved Prime Minister Freundel Stuart from being overthrown in a “pending” no-confidence motion.

Arthur was on the campaign trail in St. George South this afternoon with his candidate, Dwight Sutherland, and responded to a note Stuart displayed at a number of mass meeting of the Democratic Labour Party last night in which Arthur asked him to take former deputy Mia Mottley from off his hands.

While admitting he sent a note to Stuart while in the House of Assembly, the Barbados Labour Party political leader declared: “He didn’t tell you we saved his skin when he was in the grips of the “eager 11”.

“I said if there was going to be a no-confidence motion, we would not support,” Arthur revealed.

He suggested that the blood of any successful no-confidence motion would be on the hands of Stuart’s colleagues, not the BLP’s. But even though Arthur conceded he wrote the note to the Prime Minister, he explained that it was “just a little banter we had in the House, and he laughed about”.

The BLP St. Peter candidate said it happened at a time when Mottley “used to make these speeches” and the Democratic Labour Party would give her thunderous applause, and he suggested maybe the Dems should take her.

“The question is: Would he take her?” Arthur asked reporters.

He did not think he would because “Freundel hates Mia like poison”. (EJ)

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 19, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    He has had time to come up with an implausible answer.
    “Freundel hates Mia like poison”. And he doesn’t? Otherwise, how do you explain what he did to her?


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