Holder: People will be prosecuted

blpholdergesturesAttorney-at-law and St. Michael Central candidate for the Barbados Labour Party, Arthur Holder, has promised that a re-elected Owen Arthur Government would prosecute certain persons associated with the St. Michael Central Constituency Council.

Arthur Holder, who quoted from bank cheques valued at more than $5,000, said the council was being used in a questionable manner.

“When the Barbados Labour Party is returned to power, somebody will be locked up,” Holder assured.

Addressing a BLP political meeting at Bridge Road, St. Michael tonight, the candidate claimed that the council had paid money to a foundation run by a politician associated with the ruling party.

Holder saw this as a conflict of interest and ought not to be happening.

He questioned a situation where he alleged that a children’s party, funded by the council, took place at Tropical Winds Hotel, which Holder claimed was owned by someone close to the council.

The BLP hopeful told supporters, as well, that he planned to take legal action against his DLP opponent, Steve Blackett, after the general election. He accused Blackett, the Minister of Social Care and Constituency Councils, of vilifying him at a recent political meeting.

On the issue of the Dems manifesto, Holder said he felt there was nothing in it that sought to make Barbadians better off.

“I want you to send a clear and distinct message to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. Tell Freundel the BLP shall put money in your pocket come February 21. That is the message you must send, with the vote,” added the lawyer. (EJ)

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