Hammie: Forever Dem

dlphammielawiddemHamilton Lashley told a crowd of Democratic Labour poor Barbadian people,” said Lashley.

Party supporters last night that he had always been a Dem, regardless of where he sat in the House of Assembly.

Speaking at a meeting in Eden Lodge last night, the former St. Michael South East MP, hailed constituency councils as one of the policies of the current Administration that sought to empower people.

“If the Barbados Labour Party was ever to return to power, you know constituency councils gone too? Imagine this, these are revolutionary social programmes across the Caribbean. Across the Caribbean there is a system of local governance – in Guyana, in Trinidad, in Dominica, in Jamaica.

“Towards it, you the Barbados Labour Party, are crying out about the establishment of the constituency councils in Barbados. You know why? Because they have put a sense of ownership and power and understanding into the hands, and a system of governance, of ordinary

He further argued that it was “a system of shared responsibility between Government and the people, which in my mind shows me that the Democratic Labour Party is truly the party of the people”.

Stating that he had read in the papers comments made by BLP Leader Owen Arthur suggesting he, Lashley, was always a Dem.

“I didn’t know it tek he so long to realise. Maybe he was traumatised and suddenly so he come out of this hypnosis or this trance that he was in, because as long as you understand your history, and you understand the Transatlantic and you understand that no matter where you come from or where you are that you are an African; and if you understand Barbados history from the Bussa uprising on Sunbury Plantation to the 1937 riots through to adult suffrage and through to the real emancipation of the Barbadian people when they gained their Independence, then you would understand the philosophy, the policies and the programmes of the Democratic Labour Party.

Emancipated by Barrow

“It was Errol Walton Barrow who truly emancipated the Barbadian people… Any person that understand the struggle of Errol Barrow prior to 1966 to free the Barbadian people …, then every single child, every man and women are children of the Democratic Labour Party,” he stated.

“Some of you will hear me talking and say Hammie La look like he is a true true, real real Dem. You hear Owen Arthur endorse it, which means that all the time I was with the Barbados Labour Party they were looking at me with a cautious eye, looking at me. I tell Mia that all the time these people walking out on me every time I get up to speak. The only thing is they walking out on me and when my time come to walk out nobody didn’t like it. I was the worst thing in the world.”

He said he had heard remarks that he got paid “big money, big bucks” but nothing like that occurred, and in fact the BLP believed that people like him from humble beginnings and poor districts could be bought.

“Everybody saying I get big money but nothing so. It is the principle. You got to stand up for what you believe in, because if you cannot stand up for what you believe in, you will fall for anything. I believe firmly in the principles of the Democratic Labour Party,” said Lashley. (LB)

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