Going out with a bang

2013holetownlimboLocal art, craft and culture were the toast of this year’s Holetown Festival.

The 36th edition of the festival came to close this evening but not before locals and tourists were treated to displays of some of the best Barbados has to offer in the respective areas.

On sale were intricate pieces made from ceramic, clay, coconut husks, leather, beads, calabash, straw and wire. Of note though and gathering much interest was the local work of an artist in wood and wire. The figurines, carved and painted in gold, bore the faces of women and men alike, one even drinking a Banks Beer, much to the delight of patrons, especially the tourists.

Leather craft, shoes, belts and wallets, were also among the items on sale, as was the customary jewellery pieces made by local hands.

Yesterday, however, monkeys galore invaded the streets of Holetown, and today the invasion continued with green monkeys and baby monkey tantalising the scores of onlookers;†a limbo dancer who partied and feted the visitors who just had to try their hands, or rather limbs at the delicate act, and other local characters.

The shaggy bear on stilts was another attraction, especially for children who seemed fascinated with the colourful spectacle he presented up high, doing stunts that regardless of how often they are seen still made them hold their breaths in collective anticipation. (KC)

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