Don’t trust a word they say

I have been following the election campaign through your papers and the main thing that stands out for me is the amount of misinformation that is coming from the platforms especially from the DLP.

I remember during the last BLP Government the DLP led a loud campaign that Owen Arthur was doing everything in St. Peter at the detriment of the rest of the island, but now I see the same DLP is leading another loud campaign that Owen did nothing for St. Peter.

It is very confusing to me and I’m sure to others as well. So can someone in the DLP tell us the truth? Was the DLP lying back then or is it lying now?

I also see that they have an ad portraying a certain image of Fruendel Stuart as the better persons to be Prime Minister. Is this the same Fruendel Stuart that we saw on television and in the papers telling a young boy at Ilaro Court last year, that he don’t know when elections will be as he had not given any thought to a date yet, but a couple weeks ago told the country that he had the election date from the by-election in St. John.

Both can’t be accurate.

I will be waiting for some answers.

— Vern Gilkes

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