DLP batting for equality

dlpverlaspeaksThe Springer Memorial Secondary and the St. Leonard’s Boys’ schools are deserving of their sixth form status says, Democratic Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West, Verla DePeiza.

Defending her Government’s decision to make these two schools as well as the Alexandra School post-secondary schools, she said that over the past several years the two newer secondary schools have stood out and they should be honoured.

The first-time contender was last night addressing a small gathering at a DLP meeting at Eden Lodge in St. Michael to endorse her brother, Francis DePeiza, for the St. Michael North constituency.

DePeiza said that there was a “revolution” that was taking place in education and the DLP was doing its best to “bring equality to the people of this country”.

“No more haves and the have nots, but ensuring that all young people whether their talent is in English or their talent is in their hands with art or in their feet with sports they are all treated as having something to offer to this country to take it forward,” she said.

“Springer Memorial School, producing athletes at a phenomenal rate, receiving accolades around the world – why should we not honour them here and give them the opportunity to further their education too?

“Several years ago the St. Leonard’s Boys’ had one of the worst reputations in the country. All it took was a man believing in those boys and we have sat and watched their potential grow. One of the best boy’s choir that this country has ever produced, receiving acclaim overseas: Why should we not honour them here?

“Why should we not honour those young people who may not have excelled at maths and English at CXC level but have shown tremendous potential? I want you to understand that it is our responsible to encourage young people and make them see their potential… and achieve it.

“So they have to have something to work towards… We are satisfied that the Democratic Labour Party is the only party that moves to improve the lot of young people,” said DePeiza. (KC)††

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