Dems will devalue Barbados dollar

blpatherleypointsBarbadians were told tonight to expect a devaluation of the Barbados dollar after the February 21 general election — that is, if the Democratic Labour Party wins.

The claim was made during a mass meeting at Bridge Road, St. Michael by Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael West, the Reverend Joseph Atherley.

Atherley argued that if the trend of no growth, which would result in a depletion of the island’s foreign reserves, continued under the DLP, it would result in a devaluation of the Barbados currency.

“This Government doesn’t understand you have to grow the economy. When you check the track record, the Barbados Labour Party treated public servants with a greater degree of dignity than the DLP,” he added.

He said it was the Dem who took away the eight per cent and the Bees return it.

Atherley asked the constituents to reject the “propaganda” of the Freundel Stuart Administration that the Labour Party planned to send home thousands of civil servants through privatisation.

“The DLP is trying to put fear in old people that the BLP will make them pay bus fares again. People have forgotten what a salary increase feels like. The BLP gave salary increases to public servants in the last year of its term,” the St. Michael West hopeful said.

He noted that since giving a salary hike in 2008, the Dems had not given public workers any increase, “but all the while the cost of living going up, bills going up, prices at the supermarket going higher and higher and the DLP has the gall to say we are going to lay off public servants and make old people pay bus fares?” the BLP candidate added.

Atherley suggested that the DLP needed to know that Barbadians were more intelligent than to believe an Owen Arthur-led regime would make elderly persons pay bus fares and lay off people.

“It is this same Government which promised duty free cars and was voted in by large numbers. Public servants will be better off after February 21 … things will be better after February 21 under a Barbados Labour Party Government,” insisted the cleric. (EJ)

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