Constituency councils abused

blpjohnnytudorBarbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael Central, Arthur Holder, has charged that some constituency councils were being abused.

Holder levelled this charge last night while addressing a mass meeting in Licorish Village, St. Michael.

Holder, an attorney-at-law, told the crowd that he had in his possession some documents that showed the constituency councils were being abused.

The former government senator stressed that they were lawful documents that he had in his possession.

Additionally, he told the crowd that he had a number of questions for his political opponent, Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett.

He reminded his audience that at the outset of the current campaign he had warned that there were things being done in constituency councils that did not appear to be legal.

Arthur suggested that it was time that someone went to jail for monies belonging to the councils.

Noting that he had the copies of some cheques in his possession, he suggested that someone must explain why they were written in certain people’s names.

The former government senator disclosed that there is an organisation in the St Michael central constituency, called the St Michael Central Foundation.

He told his audience that he checked Corporate Affairs on February12, to find out if such a foundation had been registered.

Holder queried why cheques were being written to this foundation when it was not registered as a charity or a business entity.

He said there was a cheque for $500, written on February 5, 2013, to a funeral home on behalf of a youngster.

Holder repeated his charge that there is no such organisation called the St. Michael Central Foundation.

He said that on January 12, 2013, a cheque from the St. Michael Central Constituency council was written to the St. Michael Central Foundation for the sum of $2,500.

Holder claimed that the cheque was drawn on January 17 at the Royal Bank of Canada in Black Rock.

He told his audience that the cheque was written for the purchase of Christmas hampers.

Holder went on to say that on January 12, 2013 another cheque for $2,500 was written in the name of the St. Michael Central Foundation for a Christmas children’s party. That cheque, he added, was cashed on January 17.

Holder suggested that someone needed to explain to the country if the constituency council had the authority to write cheques to the foundation. (NC)

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