Campaign of cussing

By the time most of our readers would have completed this article we expect there would just be two days of campaigning left — and we anticipate that both parties would be squeezing out every ounce of energy left in their speakers.

Also, following this article will be a special Breaking News edition at midnight explaining the results of a poll conducted over the last 24 hours by CADRES. We suspect that will heighten even further the campaigning frenzy.

We do not believe, contrary to what the experts in both the Barbados Labour Party and Democratic Labour Party might be thinking, that the results of this poll or anything said from the platform will make a major difference to the outcome of Thursday’s poll. Barbadians have made up their minds, even if almost one third of them are still not saying who will get their X.

But the parties will do what they believe they must, and unfortunately, their loyal supporters will continue to make their primary speakers believe that nastiness spouted from the platform will win votes.

That is so unfortunate, because most of a three-week period that could have been spent educating Barbadians was spent slinging mud from the gutter. And both the BLP and DLP are guilty, although, in our opinion if a prize were to be given for this reprehensible conduct that the Dems would win hands down.

So what has happened to our church leaders? Have they not been following the campaigns? Have they nothing to say? Yes, we agree politics is not child’s play, but if the scores of little children and young people who attend these meetings with their parents followed the example from the platform we would all begin shouting about lost generation.

Quite frankly, if we accept what these politicians have been saying from the platform as truth, we would have to admit that we did not know there were so many politicians and aspiring politicians who are lesbians, homosexuals, cross dressers, alcoholics, liars, thieves, persons who hang out at the Garrison at night with prostitutes, or who themselves sell their services there, and the list goes on. Add to that the outright cussing and and all you can add is: How much lower can they go?

We would never have imagined that Owen Arthur and Freundel Stuart could be described in so many ways, and none of them complimentary. We did not expect to hear the term “negrocrat” resurrected and hurled at noted journalist Harold Hoyte, this time from the other side.

Based entirely on their platform performances, it would seem that so many of the speakers went out of their way to ensure Barbadians were in no doubt about how shallow they are in their thoughts.

But perhaps we are wrong. Maybe it is not that our current politicians are any worse that those who have gone on. Maybe it is just that they just don’t have much of a command of language. They just don’t know how to wrap a cussing in pretty paper!

Owen Arthur said yesterday that for him this was the best organised campaign in his near 30 years in politics. We say that for us, overall, this campaign is the worst we have experienced in 30 years.

We can’t help but wonder what kind of House of Assembly will emerge for the next five years when the level of personal attack is so reprehensible on the platform. But then again they are politicians so they must know how to pretend for the camera.

We should end by saying: May the best man win! But then we would have to ask: Best at what?

2 Responses to Campaign of cussing

  1. Adrian Alleyne February 19, 2013 at 3:47 am

    I have to agree with almost everything that you have said I have not attended one single meeting I streamed them on line and I must say I was very disappointed with what I’ve heard so far all the cussing and carrying on I asked myself how is that going to help Barbados where are the real issues the we need to hear how are we going to the the economy jumped started. Apart from the former Priminister’s speech at the presentation of candidates nothing else really impressed me although I’m going to vote I really wish they was an alternative both parties have failed miserably

  2. bajanfishermen February 20, 2013 at 10:42 am

    The problem in that Bajans refuse to demand from their politicians, a debate of the issues. What we tend love is a carnival, the constant maligning of a person’s sexuality, and the demeaning of a person economic or social status. It is time that Barbados politics rise to a higher level, but when a party has no ideas it will resort to such dirty and disrespectful name calling and mud slinging.
    I blame both parties for having the so call warm up persons, who comes on stage and serve no more than assassins of persons character. With dirty, and despicable innuendos .
    But one have to blame the leaders of the parties for allowing such a tone in the elections. IT IS TIME TO Preach the politics of inclusion, and educate the public on the issues.


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