BLP’s heath care plan will work

blpnichollsspeaksThe BLP’s manifesto addresses two critical sectors in Barbados’ social development.

Candidate for St. Michael North West, Gregory Nicholls, says they have not approached health with a “hatchet job”, but instead theirs was a well thought out plan aimed at putting money back into citizens’ pockets.

“We say to you in this manifesto that … you can provide for your own health care by buying health insurance, therefore taking yourselves off of the group of people who go to the hospital and the polyclinics. And you get your own health care and you are providing a benefit for yourselves and not being a burden on the Consolidated Fund and the health budget of the country.

“Therefore, we incentivised the buying of health insurance policies so those who go and buy health insurance policies can now claim that as a tax allowance and therefore get something back in your pockets because you are not a burden on the health budget of the country.

“You go out there and pay for your own insurance and that premium which you pay can now be used as a means to claim an allowance and get some tax savings in your pockets.

“If we encourage that industrious investment in your own health care planning we can then reduce public expenditure on health …,” he said while speaking on the party’s platform in Redman’s Village, St. Thomas in support of candidate for St. James Central, Kerrie Symmonds.

The attorney-at-law said the BLP was also proposing that people who spent money taking care of their elderly relatives or friends would also be able to claim that money as part of their tax allowances.

“The reason for that is that you are not presenting yourself as a burden on the national health budget and therefore you should be the beneficiary of some kind of give back when we work in your taxes and your allowances.

“So that the problems that we face with an escalating budget in health does not affect our ability to deliver on the services which are so critical and so vital for the maintenance of the current structures on which Barbadian are turning difficult circumstances into a opportunity for the majority of the people,” he said.

Nicholls explained further that at the heart of it, those Barbadians who could not afford to buy insurance or provide for the elderly, could still rely on the services of the state in relation to health care.

The former senator charged that none of the DLP’s initiatives over the last five years had changed people’s circumstances. (DS)

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