Bees ready to take action

Take nothing for granted!

The Barbados Labour Party’s campaign manager, Jimmy Serrao, has issued that warning to the party’s candidates, members, and supporters in the wake of CADRES poll showing an improved standing for Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his Democratic Labour Party.

“This poll sends an important warning to all of us: we cannot take any seat or any vote for granted! Make sure to vote. Tell your friends/family to vote BLP. And, volunteer in your constituency and help us deliver the win.

It’s time to put our country back on the right track and make tomorrow better than today,” Serrao said this evening in an emailed “memo to Barbados”.

Action time

The official told “team BLP” it was now time “to take action”.

“It’s clear that we’re going to need to make sure every BLP supporter votes. So, make sure to get out to vote, and sign up to volunteer and get involved with our campaign to bring a better tomorrow to Barbados,” he advised.

Serrao said the BLP data team had been crunching the numbers in the public opinion poll findings which were released today, and asserted that “despite the DLP spin, there is much good news for the BLP team in this survey.

He said the BLP was winning, noting that “a plurality of votes and the swing analysis suggests a BLP victory”.

“Under the DLP, the country is on the wrong track. According to the survey, 40 per cent of respondents believe the country is on the wrong track, a number outside the margin of error,” he said.

“Around the region and the world, governments are not generally re-elected when people believe the country is on the wrong track. Undecided voters tend to swing toward the opposition party when they see the country as on the wrong track.

“We’re running the superior campaign. Voters believe that in terms of both organisation and content/quality, the BLP is running a superior campaign.

“The leadership numbers are too close to call. There is a +/-5 per cent margin of error on this survey. To draw sweeping conclusions when the gap is within the margin of error is statistically unsound and unwise.”

The campaign manager also said the survey showed that “more people disapprove of Freundel’s leadership than approve of his leadership and he has a higher disapproval rating than Owen Arthur”.

“Finally, it is important to note that in the Nation/CADRES poll conducted just days before the January 15, 2008 general elections, Owen Arthur was viewed as more popular than David Thompson. In fact, the gap wasn’t three per cent in 2008, Owen Arthur enjoyed a seven per cent leadership advantage. In spite of Owen Arthur’s outside the margin of error leadership advantage, the Democratic Labour Party was victorious in that election,” he stated.

“This election is incredibly important. The do-nothing Freundel Stuart government has given Barbados an economy that has shrunk by 2.7 per cent and lost 16,000 jobs.

“We’ve seen a 30 per cent rise in the cost of living and a higher VAT which means that things at the store cost a little bit more. Our electricity bills and water bills are up. And, Freundel Stuart has done nothing about it.” (SC)

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