Arthur will be put ‘to bed’

dlpdennisloweMinister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, believes that the Democratic Labour Party will put former Prime Minister Owen Arthur “to bed” for the last time on February 21.

Lowe made this prediction last night while addressing a political meeting at Paragon, Brittons Hill, St. Michael in support of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

The DLP’s candidate in the constituency of Christ Church East recalled that Arthur had said that Thursday’s election was about leadership, but Stuart was out front in the most recent poll and noted that leadership was all about image, therefore any politician should project a good image to the public.

Lowe argued that power was more important to the Barbados Labour Party than people and recalled that Arthur had spent 14 years saying that David Thompson would never become the Prime Minister of Barbados and talking about an internal dispute within the DLP. ††

The incumbent, who pointed out that the DLP had spent the first five years sowing and expected to reap in the next five years, gave his audience the assurance that a DLP government would not privatise Barbados, but pointed out that the core of Arthur’s 15-point plan was the privatisation of the country.

Lowe warned Barbadians that the plan will result in the loss of hundreds of jobs at several statutory organisations and suggested that it was Arthur’s vision for Barbados.

He argued that while the DLP has sound philosophical moorings, that their vision was putting people first and self-actualisation and that they believed in giving a man a skill, instead of putting money in people’s hands, the BLP has none and therefore sold off the Barbados National Bank that was built with the savings of poor Barbadians and the Insurance Corporation of Barbados. (NC)

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