Arthur supporting his candidates

blpdwightandowenIn an effort to try to ensure his candidates were not disadvantaged in the lead up to Thursday’s general elections, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur is putting much of his personal backing behind them on the campaign trail.

And this afternoon, Arthur was by the side of Barbados Labour Party St. George South newcomer, Dwight Sutherland, as he met and greeted constituents in Ellerton and wider St. George.

“Day by day I will be going around with the candidates,” Arthur stated as he stopped along the way to speak with reporters. “The reception was very warm. This is his home town. People (in St. George South) are not raising issues as such, but we want to bring back prosperity to the whole of Barbados.”

For Sutherland, sports was critical to the constituency.

“I am happy to be able to serve the people of St. George South,” he admitted, “but we need to get back development. We have to focus on representation first.”

The first timer suggested that people need to be put back to work. Arthur interjected to say that sports and culture were very important issues which would benefit the constituency, especially its young people.

“People make most money in sports and entertainment,” the BLP political leader observed.

He referred to that aspect of the party’s manifesto on youth and sports, where it pledged to increase the current $13 million Sports and Cultural Development Fund to $25 million.

Arthur said, too, the party was looking to redevelop three mini stadia, one in the north of the island, another in the south and a third in central Barbados. He noted that these structures would not cost a lot of money, but would, for example, entail reconstituting the North Stars pavilion and a sports ground in St. George South.

The St. Peter hopeful told reporters the BLP wanted, as well, to expand an Innovation Fund it had created so young people use it for information technology.

Arthur reasoned that young people needed to be given the same opportunities to make a living as the more experienced professionals. (EJ)

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