A Greek battle

Kyusu Belle
Kyusu Belle

Who will rule in the Battle of Mount Olympus?

On February 23, ten Queen’s College students – six females and four males – will compete for the title at the school’s auditorium, starting at 6 p.m.

Faculty advisor to the graduating class, Monica Harewood, told Barbados TODAY the annual event was held in order to raise funds for the graduating class. The show takes its theme from the 12 Greek heroes who reigned after the Titans were overthrown.

Competitors are in the senior level of the school, and have been preparing for the final showdown since last term.

A fashion show featuring the designs of Althea Woods and Shanika Burnett of Shakad Designs and the popular dance group ElevaXion Dancersz will provide some of the entertainment for the evening.

The contestants are:


Jhabrealia Boyce

Gabrielle Bailey

Dominique Best

Kyusu Belle

Summer Shephard

Rachelle Jean-Marie


Leon Cuthbertson

Christophe Martin

Jelani Bartlett

Nicholas Grannum

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